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I don’t need House Cleaner!

Get time for yourself, and Smart Cleaning has your back. 

If you want to enjoy family time, you first must enjoy spending time with your partner, and all the rest will set in place. 

Family time is the most important thing, and you can’t buy that time back. 

You don’t relax, ever, is always something to clean, and when you think is finished, it is time to start all over again. Only one more person in this world can understand your home, your kids, and your struggles. That is your partner, don’t force each other to keep the house in Show-House condition.
A cleaner is cheaper then Couple’s therapy.

Have you ever wondered why some house you visited they are so tidy with both partners working?

Years ago, I used to be so annoyed with myself simply because the house was a mess.

It is easy to be frustrated and blame, the first person you see, for what you want yourself to do, but you never get around to do it. So, you deny it is your responsibility and play the blame game.

Most of the new parents, I know, in the first two years of being parents, start to show signs of hate. I know, hate, is a strong word, but you begin to hate yourself little by little, at the core of all is frustration coming from the feeling of not knowing all. This hate is easier when channelled towards someone. You have one person in your life that you can point for the smallest mistakes, is your partner. Is sad, but we all do it at one stage.

You are partners, and you share everything.
You know, your partner feels the same? You two are in this together, remember?
If you have cake, you both have cake.
If you go on holiday, you both go.
If you have a new baby, you both do.
If you are afraid, you both are.
If you feel incompetent, YOU BOTH ARE FEELING THE SAME.

Now, you may ask: What this has to do with cleaning the house?
This part is easy.

At times, you two are drifting apart, and by doing that, you forget each other more and more. It is true. You two can sleep in the same bed and yet not think about him or her for weeks. All this is because now you have more important things on your mind. Baby, baby, baby, bills, job; if you don’t work, you don’t pay the bills and fail to have a safe home for your baby.

The path to a long marriage is by being together. Let’s see, can you spend more time together? Can you relax? Do you have time to think about what is essential? What is the base of your family? Who can understand your kids, as you do?

STOP wasting precious family time! Is hard to spend time doing what you love when the house is a mess. Even if you want to cook together is not fun when you have a sticky, unpleasant kitchen. You don’t entertain the kids, because the mess will only add to the existing problems. You prefer to have the kids watching TV or play on the tablets instead, is more comfortable, cleaner.

Movies on the spotless sofa, puzzles on the clean carpet, watch the chicken roasting in the shiny oven and enjoy each other company in your tidy house. You take care of the fun part because Professional Cleaning Company can take care of the rest. 

Most of the happy homes outsource the help they need. In my opinion, the root of happiness is in the moments with your family. The most interesting persons in the world are your kids, and they will never fail to amaze you. The most loving person in the world is your partner, he/she has your best interest in mind, even if sometimes they fail to show it.

You are always using shortcuts to make your life easier, so you think.
Do you use the right shortcuts? Last Christmas you spent over €4000 on gifts, two new smartphones at €1000 each, two new tablets at €500 each, the latest games and toys €1000. Now your family has all the entertainment needed, and you don’t have to spend time with them.
Is this what you want? With the same money, you could get the help needed to clean the house for a full year.

Having a cleaning lady is not only for the rich and wealthy. Cleaning services are needed to help with keeping your home happy. They can save hours of housework that you can use to enjoy with your family.

Regularly cleaning your house can take anything from 4 to 6 hours every 2-3 days or just 3 hours every day. Are you cleaning 15+ hours a week and still don’t seem to have a cleaned house? This process is overwhelming and can put anyone off cleaning for a few days, but you have to pick up the pieces. Is a never-ending cycle of sweat, frustration, and you never see the gratitude you know you deserve.
This nonsense has to stop!
Your health mentally and physically is the most important asset of yours.

Is good to keep a tidy home but ask for help. A house cleaner will give you more than a clean house. She will give you back the time for the things that matter.

You can learn how to fix your car, but yet you pay the mechanic.
You can cook your meals, but sometimes you go to a restaurant.
You can homeschool your children, but they go to school.
You can learn to do everything on your own. But this will take all your time and will consume you quicker then you expected.
Let professionals help!

Professional services are here to make your life easier and happier. Use the benefits that can get you the time needed for the important things. You can pay for house cleaning, but you will never have the option to pay for the time that you spend cleaning.

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