Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services at affordable prices.

Carpet Cleaning is the process used to remove dirt and stains. Therefore, quality maintaining is adding years to your Carpet life.

Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning Services at affordable prices. This system is like home shampoo washing your carpet without being left soaking wet after the process. Professional Carpet Cleaning has many methods, but only one is the best.

At Smart Cleaning Carlow, we use the “Hot Water Extraction” method. We find this method to be the best for an expert carpet cleaning service.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service:

  • 🥇 Our Extraction Carpet cleaning machinery is running Hot Water 180° straight from the van.
  • ⭐ Trained Staff – make educated decisions about what chemicals are suitable for your carpet cleaning process.
  • ⭐ Stain Removal – 30+ quality solutions in the van.
  • ✅ Warranty for each job.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service System

1️⃣ A good Vacuum will remove most of the dry dirt;
2️⃣ Pre-Treat all the stains;
3️⃣ Pre-Spray – our unique solution will bring up all the old stains and suspense all the dirt;
4️⃣ Agitation will loosen the stubborn dirt:
5️⃣ Hot water extraction;
6️⃣ Remove stubborn stains and spots;
7️⃣ Deodorize and neutralize odours;
8️⃣ Carpet grooming is a great way to bring up the fluff;
9️⃣ Few minutes, we let the room dryer to run this will speed up the drying process.

What is Hot Water Extraction for Carpet Cleaning?

The Carpet is rinsed and sanitised with hot water. After that, we extract all the dirt and excess moisture.

Why you need Carpet Cleaned?

The Carpet’s fabric attracts dust, dirt, dead skin, bacteria, and all sorts of unhealthy microorganisms. With a regular Vacuum Cleaner, you can remove some dirt. In most cases, you can use the Carpet shampoo method. This method is cleaning only the top of the Carpet.

How to book professional cleaning services at affordable prices?

Complete Carpet Cleaning Service

Your carpets need regularly complete cleaning service. Here you will find all the essential information for this service. We have the proper techniques to remove stains, balance odours and minimise wear and tear. All this will add years to your carpets.

Valuable information for complete carpet cleaning service

What you need to know before hiring a professional carpet cleaner?

A professional cleaning service must include: deep cleaning, stain removal, and deodorise. In a warm house, drying time will not take longer than 8 hours. We provide shoe coverings so you can safely walk on the carpet straight away. The cleaning process from start to finish will take about 3 hours and you don’t have to worry about being home all this time.

You don’t need to vacuum before the cleaner arrives. However, it’s essential to have clear floors. Cleaner it’s always happy to help. With that in mind, he will move light furniture to clean underneath.

Experienced Local Carpet Cleaners

The perfect local carpet cleaner is trained, experienced, polite, and always happy to help. Your professional local carpet cleaner has the experience needed to decide on the best stain removal and odour eliminator process.

Serviced Areas

Smart Cleaning Carlow started providing professional carpet cleaning services in Carlow and now is currently covering 8 Counties in Carlow for carpet cleaning. Now it is easy to find carpet cleaners near me with such a large area covered.

Warranty for all Carpet Cleaning Services

We promise to keep customer satisfaction as our core focus.

At Smart Cleaning Carlow, we don’t just say “Satisfaction Guaranteed” because it looks good on paper. We offer a warranty for each service. Feel free to contact your local carpet cleaner at any time, and we are always happy to help.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Methods

Odour Eliminator Process

The odour eliminator cleaning process will eliminate all the strong smells, including: urine, milk and all the other protein-based spillages. We will neutralise all the odours. Also, in this process, the smells are wiped out and make the Carpet ready to be deodorised.

Stain Removal

There are 46 types of stains, and each type requires a different stain removal method. In most cases, we can identify straight away from the texture and colour.

Vacuum Cleaning

The first thing your carpet cleaner will do is vacuum the carpet. It is essential to remove as much dry dirt as possible. This process will make the carpet cleaning process more efficient.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Hot water to steam is the best method for carpet cleaning. This method is called Hot Water Extraction. It is better than Carpet Steam Cleaning or Chem Dry because we need to extract dead bacteria, dirt and moisture. It is ideal for carpet cleaning with low drying time.

Quality Chemical

When it comes to picking up the chemicals used in our carpet cleaning, we don’t just pick the strongest, we look at many factors, and the most important one is to be safe. All our tested chemicals are approved to be safe for children and pets.

At Smart Cleaning Carlow, we don’t just have a one for all carpet cleaner solution. In each van, the technician will have 20 chemicals for stain removal, four types of chemicals for pre-spray and rinse with fabric conditioner.

We make sure your carpet get’s the premium cleaning service.

Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine

We have the best machine in Europe. Our carpet cleaner has the power to lift water up to 6 meters. The water pump is strong and generates (adjustable) 1000 PSI (68.9 Bar) maximum pressure. Hot water in-line will heat the water until it creates a constant flow of steam. This mechanism is also adjustable to have the option of just warm water for sensitive materials.

Value for Money Carpet Cleaning

Is professional carpet cleaning expensive?

You can get discounted rates when you book a full house carpet cleaning. As there are various costs, it is always good to ask what equipment and chemicals they are using.

How can I clean the carpet on my own?

You can spot clean your carpet using quality carpet shampoo and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

The Complete Carpet Cleaning Services

The regularly cleaned Carpet will last a lifetime. To avoid permanent marks is recommended to clean the carpet every 3 to 6 months professionally. If you wish to book click here!

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