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Why you need help from a local cleaning company? What makes our cleaning company different?

About us

We are your local cleaning company and our mission is to deliver the most reliable cleaning services in Carlow. We cover both Domestic and Commercial cleaning sectors.

The Vision

Our local cleaning company started with a vision and small budget, and today we deliver that vision with the most powerful equipment in Europe. Cleaning for us is not just about removing stains and dirt is about caring for our clients and deliver a tailored cleaning system that will not attract dirt and dust.

Can cleaning help you?

Family time is the most important thing, and
you can’t buy that time back.

You and your lovely family deserve only the best, and for that, we create tailored plans to suit you and keep your family safe and healthy.
Your house and office is a special place. We will not treat it like any other cleaning job. Each home/office is different, we have different cleaning systems with specific equipment and solutions.

Value for Money

At times you will feel the need to shop around. The only reason is that you will want to find a cheaper version of our cleaning services. No customer of Smart Cleaning ever finds itself shopping for a better service. We are happy to quote even if you just want to shop around but never lose focus on the quality cleaning services.

Warranty and Insurance

For your peace of mind, our premium service comes with a warranty and is fully insured. In other words, if the job is not to your satisfaction, we will go back up to 3 times free of charge.

Why hire local cleaning company?

Our respected local cleaning company has trained staff. They have the experience necessary to deliver the Services needed for your home or office. All our Cleaners are Garda vetted, trusting family people, and they understand homes with kids and pets. Before each job, the Cleaner gets the Cleaning plan for your home or office, with space to be altered by you if needed.

Together We’ll Make Cleaning Stress Free

We are in a chaotic world surrounded by stress everywhere.
At home, you can relax and enjoy family time. Let us do all the cleaning. You worked hard for this, enjoy it!
Your local cleaning company has comprehensive systems, I’m sure we find the ideal plan for your needs.

We Promise You

  • Quality Guarantee
  • Affordable Services
  • Best Product & Solutions

Smart Cleaning Carlow has your best interest in mind. We plan every little detail needed for our cleaning services. Accordingly, our professionally trained cleaners can deliver the best cleaning services in Carlow using top of the class machinery.

Will never cut corners!

Many chemicals can get the house cleaned. However, only a few top range cleaning solutions can help you maintain the cleaner environment for longer and make it easy to clean in the future.

Our Cleaning Experts

At Smart Cleaning Carlow, the most important it is the Quality of the Cleaning contracts not the Quantity. By all means, we are training the cleaners to focus on small details and never rush a job.

Our Clients - Contact Cleaning

With us every job gets 100% attention

Your satisfaction is important for this local cleaning company. Our customers get the full Cleaning package, best Cleaning systems, tailored Cleaning, flexible schedules, friendly Cleaners.

Working with Smart Cleaning Carlow

A Cleaner will have two, three jobs in a day, not pushed, stressed. So, he gets the same pay as the other local Cleaning companies pay. Therefore, the Cleaner can enjoy proper family time at the end of the day.

They are not running to do ten jobs for a Cleaning Company that failed to invest in adequate systems.

With this system, we have happy Cleaners for happier Customers.

We reserve the right to Cancel or Stop Cleaning jobs

  • If Cleaner Is Not Felling Safe.
  • If Cleaner Has Reason To Believe The Job Will Not Be Paid On The Day.
  • The Description Used For Quote Not Matching The Reality.

⊗ If A New Quote Is Needed from the local cleaning company we can Reschedule Your Cleaning Service for another day.

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