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There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best sofa cleaners. Therefore, Here, you will find the relevant information about cleaning a sofa.

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A sofa is the icon of relaxation and unwind. Many activities and great moments happen on or around the couch. For this reason, we must keep it in the best condition.

The importance of Professional Sofa Cleaning

Stained fabric is a good sign that it is time to call your local professional sofa cleaning service. However, is essential to kill bacteria and get out all the dust mites.

The benefits of Clean Sofa

A clean sofa is essential for a healthy environment. Sofa cleaning will improve the aesthetics. Also, it will be safer for children and pets. Furthermore, your relaxation is vital, and this can only happen on a lovely clean sofa.

Fabric sofas attract dust, dead skin, and kid’s candy. At the same time, all of that will become a feeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.

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Professional Cleaners

Why is it best to hire a sofa cleaning company?

A trusted sofa cleaning company has trained and experienced cleaners. Therefore, they can assess and decide on the best methods for this service.
At Smart Cleaning Ireland, we provide this premium service using the latest technology and quality solutions.

Warranty and Insurance

For your peace of mind, our premium service comes with a warranty and is fully insured. In other words, if the job is not to your satisfaction, we will go back up to 3 times free of charge.

Medium Upsholstery Sofa for stain removal and deodorise with Smart Cleaning Ireland
Arm Chair Upholstery Cleaning By Smart Cleaning

Time needed: 2 hours.

Best Sofa Cleaners – Method

Sofa Dry Clean

Sofa Dry Clean

Most of the dirt on the sofa is dry dirt. Firstly, best sofa cleaners scrub to break down as much dry dirt as possible. Secondly, we extract all the dry soil, and the sofa is ready for the next step.

Pre-treat Stains

Blot stain removal for professional cleaning services

At this stage, we identify the stains and treat each one accordingly. For example, the paint will need a solvent-based solution to loosen and create a suspension process that extracts the stain.

Deep Cleaning

Photo shampoo wash sofa deep cleaning

For deep sofa cleaning, we use the appropriate solution for each type of fibre. Also, in this step, cleaners pre-spray the sofa and brush every inch. In other words, the fabric will be shampoo washed and completely scrubbed.

Neutralise Odours

Remove bad smells from sofa

The odour eliminator will neutralise all smells. Therefore, the cleaner gets the process ready for deodorising. The odour elimination works perfectly on all kinds of odours, even for milk, urine and alcohol.

Sanitise and Deodorise

In this process, we use our industrial machinery to create a constant flow of hot water. The hot water will kill the remaining bacteria. The same equipment will extract all the dirt left. Also, at this stage, best sofa cleaners add in the water a lovely deodoriser to finish the cleaning process with a pleasant fresh scent.

Sofa Air Dry

Clean Air Dry Sofa with fan

In the end, your sofa cleaners will go over the fabric with a grooming brush. This process helps to reduce the drying time and also bring back the fibres resilience. We use a drying fan to get the air flow started.

Frequently asked questions

The usual drying time is 8 to 10 hours. However, we recommend not sitting on it for a minimum of 12 hours. This time gives the fabric the necessary time to firm up and stay that way for long.

The premium professional sofa cleaning process can take up to 4 hours. All this depends on how dirty and how many stains are needed to remove. Also, some sofa cleaners can decide to deodorise, and that can add a bit of time. But it will never be longer than 4 hours to clean the sofa.

A sofa can be shampoo washed if you have a proper extraction method. Thoroughly cleaning the sofa with no extraction plan is a recipe for disaster. Also, when planning to shampoo wash the sofa, make sure you have the full equipment at hand.

The method must include:

  • Low moisture chemicals
  • Stain removers for both chemical and
  • Brushes
  • Clean white towels
  • Powerful extraction machinery (wet/dry vacuum, spot cleaner)

Some sofa materials are water-sensitive, and for that reason, dry cleaning the sofa is essential.

To dry clean a sofa, you need to break down as much dry dirt as possible. To do that is required a complete scrub (soft brushes), followed by dry extraction (vacuum cleaner). However, for the stubborn parts, you can use a blunt knife or small scissors to loosen dirt.

The spot cleaning method recommends using low moisture, mild solution, and a white towel to absorb water for spot cleaning.

In Ireland in 2021, the cost for a regular (3) three seater sofa the premium service starts from €80. Also, usually, it takes about 1-2 hours to get the sofa cleaned. For an armchair, the cost begins at €40. However, you will still pay the minimum call out charge if you decide to book only for one armchair.

Price differences

The cost of getting a sofa clean also depends on the type of material, stains, dirt levels and size of the furniture. However, when booked for (3) three-seater sofa, (2) two-seater sofa, armchair or corner sofa, the cost is subject to a discounted rate in a bundle.

Protect Your Investment

In Ireland, there are many “Sofa Cleaners” with a small vacuum and no training. These cleaners are usually very cheap, only €20 or €30. However, you must wonder at that price, what is the cost? In 2021 a regular sofa from any big stores in Ireland is at an average price of €1200. Ultimately, it comes down to how much someone will value his personal belongings.

Why use the best sofa cleaners and where to find them?

At Smart Cleaning Ireland, you find the best sofa cleaners. Experienced cleaners will always meet and exceed expectations.

We are easy to talk to, call 0871830385 or submit a booking form, and one of our excerpts will contact you in just a few minutes.

Let the Best Sofa Cleaners make it look like new again.

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