Bathroom Deep Cleaning by Cleaner with yellow gloves

Deep Cleaning Bathroom in 12 Easy Steps

Deep Cleaning Bathroom in 12 Easy Steps

You can download and print the 12 Steps for Bathroom Deep Cleaning HERE!

1) Remove Clothes and Towels
2) Throw Out Empty Bottles and Other trash
3) Use limescale removal to spray mirror, shower doors, window, tiles and radiator.
4) Use Bleach base bathroom chemical to spray toilet, tub, sink, and all surfaces.
5) Get a cup of tea or coffee, relax 10 minutes
6) Put the clothes/towels to wash
7) Brushing every corner
8) Use microfiber to wipe down
9) Use glass cleaner to finish
10) Use rinse spray for a shiny look
11) Bring back all the toiletries
12) Mop the floor

1) Clear the Floor

Before you start to get overwhelmed about a deep cleaning job, just remember you only do one step at a time. Pun on your rubber glove! Now you are ready.

In first step you need to take all the clothes, towel and mats from the floor. That is all!
Put all the item in the  laundry basket not thinking about the next steps. Now is a great time to bring them at the washing machine. Just leave them there!

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Clear Floor

2) Take out the trash

The empty bottle of shampoo and body wash need to do into the recycling. Tring to clean while rubbish is still there can take forever, the more you clear now the easier Bathroom Deep Cleaning will get.
I like to use scented bin bags for my trash can, and at this step they will make the trash gathering a bit more satisfying.

Local House Cleaning Service for Bathroom

3) Treat for limescale Removal

Limescale can be a big headache and at times may seem like you will not get it out. I read articles encouraging glass polish to remove limescale for your bathroom.

With patience and the Proaper Solution you don’t need to bring the electric polish in the shower.

Just enjoy the process and let chemicals work for you. They take time to brake into the build-up.

4) Bathroom Cleaner with Bleach

Spray your favourite bleach bathroom cleaner on all the surfaces, don’t worry about getting in contact with the limescale removal, they will not create any smoke.

5) Have a cup of tea or coffee

Now is your time, a short well deserved break.

Take it! You may not needed but the chemicals need time to work the magic.

So, feet up and Relax for 5 minutes!

6) Put on a load for washing

Now you are energized, but the chemicals still work hard so you don’t have to. Remember all the towels from the bathroom, shove them in the washing machine.

You are doing great! Is time to go back to the Bathroom Deep Cleaning.

7) Brushing Saves you time

Get yourself a good brushing set and use every single one. Brushing is more satisfying the scrubbing with pads.

Take less time and effort.
It is a no brainier the fact that a brush will remove more dirt, will remove build-us from the corners instead of pushing them there like the regular sponge/pads.

Deep cleaning is the process of removing as much dirt as humanly possible, this way your bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized.
Cleaning Brushes Set, Dish Brush, Scrub Brush, Bathroom Brush, Kitchen Scrub Brush, Bottle Cleaning Brush, Shoe Cleaning Brush

8) Cleaning with Microfibre

Now is time to see how good a job your chemicals did. Keep in mind if limescale build-up was medium to high, you may need to spray again that area and let work its magic for few minutes. 

Is safe to say, now you will get the hard work done. But this will only take you 30 to 45 minutes. Your chemicals and brushes loosen all the dirt now all you need to do is collect it with the microfibre clothes.

Rinse your clothes as often as possible. Use different cloth for bathtub, sink, wall, floors or toilet. 

9) Clean windows with Glass Cleaner and paper towels

You already brake down the build-up from the mirror, window and glass cabinet. The hard part of bathroom cleaning is done. Now you need to make things shine. Your regular glass cleaner and paper towels will give a great look.

10) Use Good Rinse Aid

Rinse aid will do what it says. Because your bathroom cleaning will never fell proper cleaned if the tiles or water tap are cloudy. For that we have the best solution.

O a dry microfibre cloth pour some good rinse aid and wipe down all the services that you wish to keep the shine for long.

11) Put every thing back

You are nearly done, all you need to do is organize the items as smart as possible, having the most used items closer and the rest in the cabinet.

Don’t be tempted to put everything away so your bathroom deep cleaning looks amazing, but the first time you need to use your favourite cream, everything will come back out.

Our goal here is to have a clean and tidy bathroom always. Make life easy for yourself. Let future you say “Thank You!” 

12) The final push

You are almost finished, and you can have another tea. To finish up, you will need to get ready the mop and bucket. In the bucket you need hot water and a drop of bleach. 

Mop the floor with your back at the door, using the far right cleaning rule. The “Far Right Cleaning Rule” is important because this way you will never miss a spot and you always have a start and a finish.   

Here is a list of chemicals and cleaning products needed for Bathroom Deep Cleaning, that you can also find in the attached document.

I hope you find this cleaning guide easy to follow. 

What you think about this 12 Steps for Bathroom Deep Cleaning?

Please leave a comment with your opinion.

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